Learning to Live Together

Learning to Live Together Programme Cover English.

Learning to Live Together Programme

Learning to Live Together is an interfaith and intercultural programme for ethics education that contributes to nurturing ethical values in children and young people.
Learning to Live Together Executive Summary Cover.

Learning to Live Together Executive Summary

What is the Learning to Live Together? How was it developed? Where and how can it be used? In the Executive Summary you can find answers to all these questions, as well as information about outstanding projects that show the potential of the programme.
Good Practices Series: Massa-Massar Cover.

Good Practices Series | Massa-Massar: The Journey

The Massa-Massar programme creates opportunities for Jews and Palestinians to meet, learn from one another, challenge their prejudices and stereotypes, listen to new narratives and reflect on their relations with others and their role in their societies.

Good Practices Series 2 | Learning to Play Together

Learning to Play Together showcases the adaptation and use of the programme in physical education in a multicultural school in Athens.   Learning to Play Together was implemented with fifth-grade students from the Elementary School of Intercultural Education in Faliro, Athens, Greece since 2011.  It provides alternatives to the use of competitive games and sports in physical education and helps to promote mutual understanding and respect among youth living in multicultural societies.
Training of Trainers Booklet

Training of Trainers Booklet

In 2010, Arigatou International offered an International Train the Trainers course designed to help those providing training programmes on the use of the Learning to Live Together. The University of Edinburgh helped develop and evaluate the Train the Trainers as a pilot project.

Training Guide Series 2 | Train the Trainers course 2017

In April 2017, Arigatou International Geneva organised its second International Train the Trainers course on how to design, conduct, monitor and evaluate quality training workshops on the use of the Learning to Live Together programme. 

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