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What organisation supported the Training Workshop?
Arigatou International – Geneva

How many participants successfully completed the Training Workshop?

What was the professional backgrounds of the participants?

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From what organisations or institutions did the participants come from?

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Was a Community of Practice created after the workshop?

If yes, is it still active?

What where the main topics discussed or reflections made during the workshop?

Is there anything that you would like to share with us?
More than 700 children from West Kenya are expected to be reached. Teachers will implement the Programme weekly with children aged ten to 12 for a period of one year during the “Life Skills” lessons. Follow up workshops will take place during this year to provide teachers with additional skills and tools to support children-led initiatives. It is expected that the implementation of the Learning to Live Together Programme in schools contributes to the appreciation of diversity, building on commonalities, non-violent management of conflicts and promote working together for the well-being of the communities.

Baringo County has continuously experienced violent conflicts characterized by violent cattle rustling, fatalities, displacement of people, and loss of property and livelihoods. Though the situation is currently relatively calm, there have been repeated reprisal attacks resulting in some casualties. The conflict situation has been aggravated by adverse weather conditions which have caused an acute shortage of food in the County.

It is against this background that the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) in collaboration with World Vision Kenya organized an intervention that comprises three steps: the sensitization of head teachers from 30 primary schools in Baringo County, followed by a Facilitators Training Workshop for teachers on the Learning to Live Together Programme, as well as working with community leaders on intercultural dialogue, peaceful co-existence and resolution of conflicts.

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