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Implementation in India


Number of Children Impacted: 20

A group of 20 children from many different backgrounds met for 3 hours on Saturday afternoon. After an interactive session about how Child Rights came to be, we played a game where the group had to find and match all the 18 rights (match the pictures with the text) and arrange them under the four heads – Survival, Protection, Participation and Development. In the reflection and discussion that followed the activity, one of the questions was whether any of these Rights are unnecessary and can be removed or are there any that can be added. It sparked off a great discussion with the children. One child said that all their rights were met and only one or two were not, but there are so many children in the world who had only one or two rights fulfilled and all the rest violated.

Additional Details

This session was followed by a creative activity where the children made their own place mats with the theme of Child Rights. And lastly, we ended with a game of Diminishing Islands. The final discussion revolved around the question of how Rights and Responsibilities go hand in hand and when all their rights are met, how they can take it up as a responsibility to others who are not so fortunate.

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