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Implementation in India


Number of Children Impacted: 20

A group of 20 children participated in a 3 hour workshop conducted in my home by Pavithra and myself. The children were between 8 and 15 years of age.

After introductions, there was a discussion on our needs – what we need to survive and the children mentioned all the basic ones. Then we showed them a power point which had the pictures of all the needs they had mentioned being satisfied. Then we saw pictures of where children were denied these rights and were suffering from poverty and exploitation. From there we talked about how organisations across the world realised that children need to be specially cared for and from there came the story of the CRC. We talked about the 18 rights and how they were divided into Survival, Protection, Participation and Development Rights.


Additional Details

The children played a game where they had to find and match the pictures and text cards of each of the 18 child rights we had cut up and hidden in the garden. We incorporated one of Gelly’s cooperative games where the children had to hold hands with those who had the picture or text card that matched what they had found.

This was again followed by a reflection and discussion session where the children were asked the following four questions:

Are these rights important?
Can any be removed or added?
Are your basic rights being met?
Have you ever see any child whose rights have not been met?
All 4 questions generated a great deal of interesting discussion.

Lastly, we had an activity where the children drew and coloured their own place mats based on the theme of child rights which were laminated and given to them.

After they completed that activity, we ended with a round of discussion where each of them shared if they would like to do something to help other children who were not as fortunate as themselves.

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