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Implementation in Netherlands


Frequency of program
4-day summer camp

In which context is/was the program being implemented?
Informal (ex summer camp)

In case it is being implemented in non-formal education, is/was it implemented within the organization’s programs or as LTLT?

How many children are/were involved?

Children’s ages
15 to 18

How many males?


Religious affiliation of the children
Christian (including Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and other Christian denominations)

Additional Details

What are the main issues affecting children that the LTLT Programme is responding to?
Through a number of activities, which included visiting various religious and cultural sites, children learned about each other, reflected on values like empathy and respect for diversity, and explored ways to contributing to positive transformations in their local communities.

Encounters like this are rare in Europe, especially in the context of informal educational settings. This summer camp presented a unique opportunity for children to reflect on their common humanity and their shared responsibilities, and to deepen their spirituality by affirming each other’s identity and lives.

What topics/areas have you explored during the implementation?
Nurturing Spirituality
Nurturing Values
Strengthening children’s capacity to make ethical decisions based on values
Reflect about individual and collective responsibility to act in peaceful and compassionate ways
Fostering Learning to Live in solidarity with people of different religions, ethnicities or cultures
Racism, discrimination and exclusion
Conflict and conflict transformation ( finding non-violent alternatives, transforming conflicts)
Children empowerment ( encourage children to start/engage in projects activities to transform their local realities)
Interfaith collaboration

Did children engage in collaborative projects/actions as a result of their participation in the program? If yes, tell us more about it.

Is there anything that you would like to share?
The participants had the chance to visit various different religious sites, such as a Hindu temple, a Synagogue, a Mosque, and a Catholic church. One activity involved visiting the Peace Palace and Humanity House interactive museum in the Hague, where one has the opportunity to experience what a refugee hears, sees and thinks in a region of conflict or a disaster area.

What kind of support would you like from Arigatou International Geneva?

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