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Implementation in Greece


How many benefited: 50

The Elementary School of Intercultural Education of Paleo Faliro in Athens has been using the Learning to Live Together programme since 2011 with fifth-grade students coming from about 30 different countries and representing various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, most not having a common language. The program is being implemented during the flexible hours, a specific period of time set aside within the school schedule wherein cross-thematic activities/projects are conducted. Teachers who wish to implement a project discuss it with the principal of the school and its choice depends on its usefulness, importance, and interest for the students involved.


Additional Details

This implementation led to the creation of the Learning to Play Together booklet, which was developed by Gelly Aroni, Teacher of Physical Education at the school, and one of the LTLT Arigatou International trainers. Using the Learning to Play Together methodology, teachers have been able to form a collective identity of children.

The main objectives of Learning to Play Together are to foster self-esteem and empowerment; facilitate inter-ethnic contact and social cohesion; promote respect by challenging gender and ethnic stereotypes; and promote a culture of peace and coexistence.


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