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The Training Programs for educators and facilitators working with children and youth are based on a competency model and is composed of workshops at three training levels:

Basic Training:

It is designed to introduce the manual, its educational framework, approach, and methodologies, with the purpose of using it with children and youth. At the end of the workshop participants are equipped with knowledge, skills, and tools to design and implement programs based on the Learning to Live Together in the contexts they work with. The duration of a basic workshop is 28 hours.

Advanced Training:

It is designed for those who have gone through the first level and have experience using the programme with children and youth. This level aims to increase the facilitator’s knowledge about the content and educational framework and approach, develop further facilitation skills and acquire tools to conduct monitoring and evaluation. The Advanced Training is provided through our online platform. Four courses are provided during the year. Facilitators can register at different times.

Train the Trainers:

This level is designed for people who have demonstrated facilitation skills and experience using the programme with children and youth. The objectives are 1) To develop competencies to design and conduct a training program on the use of the manual for other facilitators; 2) To be able to integrate an interfaith and intercultural learning approach into the training programme; 3) To interpret and adapt creatively the training material to specific settings and 5) To further develop as a positive role model in line with the values expressed in the manual. The duration of this expert training workshop is eight days.

Educators are selected based on the following criteria: 1) Interest and motivation in interfaith and intercultural education; 2) Experience working with children and youth; 3) Facilitation skills and 4) Support from their schools or organizations; 5) Availability to train other facilitators. Selection is based on gender, religious and cultural diversity.

For more information about our training programs, please contact us. 

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