Training Guide Series 2

Train the Trainers Course 2017

In April 2017, Arigatou International Geneva organised its second International Train the Trainers course on how to design, conduct, monitor and evaluate quality training workshops on the use of the Learning to Live Together programme. 
The workshop took place in Menthon-Saint-Bernard, a small village in France, and it was intended for people previously trained on the use of the Learning to Live Together Programme (LTLT) who had institutional support, experience implementing the programme, and who have participated in advanced training courses in the past.
Participants discussed the Ethics Education Framework, as well as how to use techniques to facilitate dialogues and educational practices that foster interfaith and intercultural learning. In the process, they learned how to introduce monitoring and evaluation tools during Facilitators Training workshops.
The workshop also provided spaces for participants to analyse the profile of an LTLT Trainer, to strengthen and develop training skills such as body language, listening, paraphrasing as well as to foster critical dialogue, ethical reflections, resilience, and self-care.
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