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36 new facilitators were trained in South Sumatra in the Learning to Live Together Programme

Paving the way towards ethics education for children and youth in Indonesia, 36 teachers from two schools in South Sumatra province have just become facilitators on the Learning to Live Together (LTLT) Programme, after following a Basic Training Workshop held from 27 to 29 September 2016, in Tanjung Enim city.

Teachers from Bukit Asam Senior High School and Bukit Asam Vocational School were trained on the concepts, resources and methodologies used to implement this intercultural and interfaith programme designed by Arigatou International.

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A four-day dialogue in Kenya to promote peace and reconciliation through education

In the effort to improve the current state of History and Government teaching in Kenya and explore ways in which these subjects can be used to promote peace and reconciliation in the country, a conference took place from 27 to 30 September 2016 under the topic of “Learning to Live Together through History and Government Education”, organized by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development with the support of ACT.

Ms. Maria Lucia Uribe and Mr. Suchith Abeyewickreme, from Arigatou International Geneva, were among the 12 facilitators at the Conference. They contributed with their insights into the role of ethics education to uphold and promote human dignity, foster interconnectedness and respect for one another, and help developing inclusive individual and collective identities.

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A successful Face-to-Face Advance Training carried out in Panama

Arigatou International Geneva, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) through the Office of Safe Social Development, organised an Advanced Training Workshop on the Learning to Live Together Programme (LTLT) that took place in Panama City, Panama from 2 to 3 December 2016. This was the first time that an Advanced Training workshop was held face-to-face.

The workshop addressed 18 facilitators who in July 2016 were already trained on how to use of the LTLT programme and now are implementing it with children, young people and families.

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Académicos de cinco países son capacitados en temas de Paz, Construcción de Resiliencia y Prevención del Extremismo Violento en África

El Instituto Internacional de Construcción de Capacidades de la UNESCO en África (IICBA, por sus siglas en inglés) junto con Arigatou International y el Instituto para los Estudios sobre Paz y Seguridad de la Universidad de Addis Abeba, llevaron a cabo una capacitación para 21 participantes de Etiopía, Kenia, Nigeria, Sudán del Sur y Somalia, incluyendo conferencistas universitarios, representantes del Ministerio de Educación Superior, representantes de la UNESCO Dakar y de One African Child.

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An international dialogue to prevent violent extremism through education

Policy-makers, experts, youth advocates, members of intergovernmental organizations and civil society from almost 70 different countries gathered together for the International Conference on Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education, held in New Delhi, India on 19 – 20 September 2016.

The conference had the purpose of raising awareness on the importance of education in the prevention of violent extremism (PVE) as well as identifying actions for the effective implementation of PVE activities. At the event, co-organized by UNESCO with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arigatou International Geneva also had the oportunity to join the dialogue and informally share some experiences about the Learning to Live Together (LTLT) Programme.


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Animated film is launched to award child-led project in Coimbatore

The Coimbatore Peace Festival, organized by Shanti Ashram in India, was the scenario for the premiere of the animated short film about one of the winners of the Learning to Live Together Global Awards. The festival was held in August 2019 and it was a unique opportunity for hundreds of people to get to know more about the inspiring story of Arun.

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Aprender a Vivir Juntos en zonas de riesgo en El Salvador

Arigatou Internacional de Ginebra, en colaboración con el Centro Bartolomé de las Casas, organizó un taller de capacitación sobre cómo utilizar el programa Aprender a Vivir Juntos (AVJ) en San Salvador del 6 al 10 de febrero de 2017. El taller se centró en 28 facilitadores que trabajan en áreas de riesgo en los municipios de Mejicanos y Apopa, particularmente en las áreas de Montreal y Popotlán, muy afectadas por la violencia de las pandillas, y que están comprometidos a implementar sistemáticamente el AVJ en sus instituciones con niños y familias en la educación formal y no formal.

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Arigatou International at the Week for Peace and Sustainable Development organized by UNESCO

Arigatou International was invited by UNESCO to contribute to the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development that took place in Ottawa, Canada, from 6 to 10 March. The event was a unique platform for discussion on two key programs of the Education Sector, namely Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education, and their practical contribution in achieving Target 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Education. The Week focused on the issue of teachers and teacher training, and highlighted best practices.

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Arigatou International Geneva and URI partner for the well-being of children

Arigatou International Geneva Office and United Religions Initiative (URI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance their working cooperation to foster children's well-being in the world.

URIFrom left: Mussie Hailu, URI Director of Global Partnerships; Mrs. Maria Lucia Uribe Torre, Director of Arigatou International Geneva; and The Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr, Executive Director of URI.

The agreement was signed on December 18, 2019 by The Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr, Executive Director of URI, and Mrs. Maria Lucia Uribe Torre, Director of Arigatou International Geneva.

The two organizations have agreed to the following preliminary and overarching areas of cooperation:

  • Collaborate to promote education for learning to live together, enhancing interfaith collaboration and action both within their constituencies and outside;
  • Work together to advocate for children and youth participation in fostering learning to live together and encouraging global citizenship;
  • Jointly organize training workshops on the Learning to Live Together Programme for URI Cooperation Circle members;
  • Support the implementation of the Learning to Live Together Programme with children and youth.
    About Arigatou International.

About URI

URI (United Religions Initiative) is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world. The purpose of URI is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously-motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace, justice, and healing for the Earth and all living beings. URI has UN NGO consultative status with both the Economic and Social Council of the UN, and with the Department of Global Communications of the UN.

URI envisions a world at peace, sustained by engaged and interconnected communities committed to respect for diversity, nonviolent resolution of conflict, and social, political, economic, and environmental justice.

URI implements its mission through local and global initiatives that build the capacity of its 1,035 member groups and organizations in 108 countries, called Cooperation Circles, to engage in community action such as conflict resolution and reconciliation, environmental sustainability, education, women’s empowerment, youth and children’s programs, advocacy for human rights, and promoting a culture of peace and interfaith harmony. 

About Arigatou International

Arigatou International is an international, non-profit organization committed to building a better world for children. Arigatou International is “All for Children,” and draws on universal principles of common good to offer compelling new ways for people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to come together to address children’s issues.

An initiator and sustainer of partnership-based initiatives to secure child rights and foster children's well-being, Arigatou International seeks to maximize the potential of interfaith cooperation, and always strives to empower and involve children and youth.

Holding special consultative status with UN-ECOSOC and consultative status with UNICEF, Arigatou International liaises and works jointly with UN agencies and other NGOs to foster cooperation within a rights-based approach to the profound issues faced by children and youth today. In 2008, Arigatou International and its Global Network of Religions for Children, in collaboration with UNESCO and UNICEF, launched Learning to Live Together – An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education.

Learning to Live Together is a programme for educators (teachers, youth leaders, social workers) to nurture ethical values in children and youth that will help them strengthen their identities and critical thinking, ability to make well-grounded decisions, to respect and work with people of other cultures and religions, and to foster their individual and collective responsibilities in a global community.

Learning to Live Together has been implemented in more than 30 countries and benefited more than 400,000 children and youth. More than 1,200 facilitators have been trained on how to use the manual.


For further information please contact:

Arigatou International Geneva

Email: geneva(at) 


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Building a Culture of Peace - Learning to Live Together in Dominican Republic

The Global Network of Religions for Children, GNRC, Dominican Republic in collaboration with Arigatou International Geneva, organized a Basic Training Workshop on how to use the Learning to Live Together (LTLT) Programme.

The workshop took place in San Victor, Moca from 3 to 6 June 2015 and targeted 30 educators from faith-based organizations, working directly with children, that are committed to implement the LTLT systematically in their organizations.

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Concluyen programas piloto para la adaptación del Programa AVJ

Luego de llevar a cabo talleres en siete países alrededor del mundo, los programas piloto para la adaptación del Programa Aprender a Vivir Juntos a la infancia media finalizaron, tras completar los tres últimos pilotos en Tanzania, en julio, y en India y Ecuador en agosto de 2019, llegando a un total de 250 niños y niñas de diferentes comunidades religiosas y étnicas y de orígenes seculares.

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Empowering Youth through Learning to Live Together - The Story of Clara Mduma in Tanzania

In this issue we interviewed Clara Mduma, Member of the Global Network of Religions for Children, GNRC, Tanzania and facilitator of the Learning to Live Together Programme

1- Tell us a bit about yourself (where are you from, where do you live, what are you studying and how do you spend your free time)

My name is Clara Mduma, I live in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. I completed in 2013 a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and a Major in Corporate Finance at the University of Dodoma.

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Ethics Education in Romanian Schools: The Value of Training and Continuous Education

Laura Molnar is a trainer of the Learning to Live Together Programme (LTLT) and has become the driving force behind its implementation in the Romanian formal education system.

Laura comes from a little mountain town in Transylvania, Romania, but she is currently based in Bucharest. Her journey with the LTLT Programme started in 2009 when, while working as a psychologist for disadvantaged children, she was trained in a basic workshop in Geneva. With this new set of knowledge and skills, she started implementing the LTLT approach with the children she worked with. One year later she was selected to participate in the International Train the Trainers course organized by Arigatou International Geneva, which led her to a certification as a LTLT trainer.

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Ethics Education Workshop at Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Arigatou International Geneva facilitated a workshop on Ethics Education for 100 professionals from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and several other higher education institutions in Kenya on 15 March 2018. The workshop is part of a conference jointly organized by and the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on Integrating Ethics in Higher Education that took place from 13-16 March 2018 at CUEA, Kenya. 

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