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Learning to Live Together 10th Anniversary Celebration Meetups

Imagine a world-wide community of educators, children, and youth celebrating interfaith and intercultural learning. Picture people in every country sharing ideas and exchanging experiences about ethics education, all at the same time. Help us make September 2018 the month of Learning to Live Together by organizing a local Celebration Meetup.

Over the past 10 years, the Learning to Live Together has allowed people to come together on a common goal to provide children with opportunities to develop mutual understanding and respect for one another.  As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Learning to Live Together Programme we believe that not only the work related to the implementation of the programme but also the relationships and commitments should be celebrated.

#LTLT@10years CELEBRATION MEETUPS can be an opportunity for you to reconnect children who experienced the LTLT programme, volunteers who contributed, teachers and facilitators who implemented the programme, partner organizations and other stakeholders.

We believe that these Celebration Meetups are best envisioned locally in a way that is most meaningful for you. While some Celebration Meetups can be focused on looking back and reconnecting to celebrate past achievements other meetups can be an opportunity to bring together stakeholders who might be interested to engage with you in future.

For example, they could take the form of:

  • An informal meetup at a coffee shop or a restaurant
  • An information session, a seminar or a symposium on Learning to Live Together related to your local context.
  • Storytelling session or creative performances on Learning to Live Together
  • Learning to Live Together exhibition of children’s voices and actions

All implementation partners, trainers, facilitators or volunteers are invited to host a #LTLT10years Celebration Meetup in your city/country in coordination with other stakeholders.

We will feature your celebration on the LTLT 10th Anniversary Page on and during the Global LTLT 10th Anniversary Celebration Virtual Meetup, and at physical events happening in specific locations throughout this celebratory year.

Register your #LTLT10years Celebration Meetup HERE before August 20, so we can help you promote it.


Why? To celebrate, reconnect and reenergize stakeholders of the Learning to Live Together Programme in your local context.

Who? Celebration Meetups can engage all types of stakeholders both from the past and new stakeholders you wish to engage in future.

What? Celebration Meetups can be organised in a form that is most suitable for your context with the intention of celebrating the past, present and the future of the Learning to Live Together Programme. 

When? Anytime, during the month of September 2018.

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