Global Awards


Criteria for Most Committed Facilitator

Eligibility Criteria

Applications submitted to the “Global Awards” need to fulfil each and every one of the following criteria to be deemed eligible:

  • The applicant was officially trained as Facilitators of the Learning to Live Together Programme;
  • Applicants must submit the application form and video through our webpage which will be open from 21 March 2018 to 01 September 2018 at 17:00 Geneva time.
  • By submitting an application form and video, applicants accept the publication of the form and video on our website.
Students working in a classroom.

Selection Criteria

Shortlisted applications will be evaluated against a comprehensive set of criteria.

  • The work clearly demonstrates the use of the LTLT Programme, including the adaptation of its conceptual framework, approach, learning process, methodologies and activities;
  • The implemented program is sensitive to the local context and shows evidence of interfaith and/or intercultural learning among participating children and young people;
  • The applicant demonstrates both a personal and professional positive transformation and exemplifies a strong role-model;
  • The applicant has shown proactiveness to initiate, implement and sustain programs based on the LTLT and mobilize necessary support from stakeholders.


This award will include an award plate, sponsored personal development opportunities to a value of 300 USD, as well as the opportunity to be invited to one of the 10th Anniversary celebrations to present and share the work on the LTLT.

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