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Learning to Live Together used in Boise, Idaho

Catholic Charities of Idaho (CCI) in the United States has found several creative ways to use theLearning to Live Togethercurriculum in local communities. One focus of CCI's Family Strengthening Center is working with refugee families resettled in Boise, including workshops designed in collaboration with another non-profit, African Community Development.  

The city of Boise in the state of Idaho has one of the highest refugee resettlement rates per capita anywhere in the United States. The refugee community is extraordinarily diverse in terms of ethnic, religious, and national origin. There are a number of outstanding non-profits in Boise developing cutting-edge programs for the community, including CCI, Create Common Good, and African Community Development.

Melaney Swenson, a regional director from Catholic Charities of Idaho (CCI) has expressed appreciation to Arigatou International for sharing the Learning to Live Together curriculum. She says: "We have found many opportunities to use materials from this thoughtful and well-designed curriculum.  For instance, we offer parenting and financial education classes for Kirundi and Swahili speakers. While the parents are in class, we work with the children in developing empathy and kindness toward others, respect for diversity, and improving listening skills. The children have responded very positively to the activities in the Learning to Live Together curriculum."

CCI has also worked with African Community Development, another non-profit organization in Boise, to create the "African Community Building and Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop Series." This four-part workshop series addressed topics such as: Accepting Differences, Overcoming Conflict, Forgiveness, and Finding Common Purpose.  Organizers of this series report that information in the introductory chapters of Learning to Live Together was very helpful in designing and implementing the program. The program was very well attended and included participants of varied ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Here are some pictures:

Quote from the Create Commom Good web page:

Create Common Good provides training and employment to refugees and others in need.
Our experiential programs transform lives and enrich communities.
We build upon the generosity and creativity of our volunteers and partners…
                                             …because we all have something to give.

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