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Learning to Live Together: cooperation and implementation in Indonesia

The Learning to Live Together Programme (LTLT) was first introduced to Amalina Islamic School during a facilitator-training workshop conducted in Indonesia by GNRC South Asia and Arigatou International in partnership with UNESCO National Commission Indonesia in 2012 and with the help of Ms. Wati Wardani (participant in regional LTLT workshop in Sri Lanka). Pembangunan Jaya High School (PJ) was then invited as a partner school in implementing LTLT in 2014. The ongoing implementation of the LTLT is part of a memorandum of understanding between Arigatou International Geneva and the two schools. Amalina International and PJ representatives were trained as facilitators during the South East Asia Regional workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2014.

Learning to Live Together (LTLT) is being used as a method for students to understand and implement inner-peace, in their daily lives and carry it out throughout their lives. It’s about respecting others in all aspects of life and the ways of implementing it.

IMG 1181The schools work separately and together in implementing the Learning to Live Together Programme. In this year many workshops have been carried out between the two schools. A workshop on LTLT was held on 25 September 2014. There was also an LDKS (Students Leadership Basic Training) – LDSK (Social Community Basic Training), which are programs to train the young future leaders, which is part of LTLT. These were held on 21 – 22 October 2014. The theme was “Develop an excellent leader, ready as an agent of change to bring progress, empathize with others and care for the environment as well”.

The activities were designed based on the objectives presented at the LTLT Workshop in Thailand. At the end of the program, the students are able to:

  1. Construct their sense of togetherness and awareness about friends, family and others
  2. Develop their characters of respect and tolerance to friends and others
  3. Change their mind set to become change agents

IMG 0933The teachers and facilitators have voiced their opinions and thoughts on how the manual has been very helpful due to its step-by-step process. Also on the fact that there are so many activities and games they can implement with the children, which makes the process more enjoyable. The teachers believe the program has been very helpful and they can see the progress. The students enjoy playing the games and interacting with each other. On this aspect they are happy with the program and are able to implement what they have learned. Both students and teachers have experienced changes and benefits.

We view our commitment to Arigatou International important in implementing Learning to Live Together. As schools with diversity in culture, religion, and ethnicity, the implementation of LTLT program enriches and goes along with our schools visions and missions.

In implementing LTLT workshop, we are connected to the school committee, which always support the LTLT program. Through the LTLT program, the students are expected to be able to increase their knowledge, understanding and know how to live together in diversity.

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