The Child Rights Connect Working Group on Children and Violence brings together a number of international civil society organisations doing advocacy on child rights and human rights, and working in particular to end violence against children. The group coordinates actions of members particularly with regards to human and child rights institutions in Geneva, and aims to speak with one voice on issues of violence against children in the relevant human rights and international development spaces in Geneva, and beyond. To support its advocacy with the Human Rights Council (HRC) and the Committee on the Rights of the Children (CRC Committee), as well as with the Permanent Missions in Geneva and with national governments at country level, including as part of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the WG has started in 2018 a review of the work done so far by the HRC and CRC Committee on the issue of violence against children. With evidence of progress and gaps in its hands, the WG would be able to: a) inform its advocacy with HRC and CRC Committee on issues of violence against children, b) mobilize the member states of the HRC to prioritize issues of ending violence in their recommendations, c) provide new evidence to civil society advocates at national level, to inform alternative reporting processes and ongoing work to support the implementation of existing HRC recommendations and CRC Committee concluding observations around ending violence against children.