An International Basic Training Workshop on the Learning to Live Together was organized in Sarajevo – Bosnia & Herzegovina on the 20 - 23 February by Mosaik Association - GNRC Bosnia & Herzegovina with the support of GNRC Europe and the Arigatou International - Ethics Education for Children office in Geneva.25 participants came together from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain and Portugal from different cultural, religious (Muslims, Christians) and professional (teachers, psychologists, social workers, volunteers who work with children - GNRC members) backgrounds.

A capacity building workshop for trainers of theLearning to Live Together Programmewas held in Ponte de Lima, Portugal from 4 – 9 March 2014.The meeting aimed to learn from one another’s experiences, strengthen capacity to implement training programs, monitor and evaluate their impact, and to co-create specific resources related to training facilitators.

On the 6th of August, the Coimbatore Peace Festival was held in Coimbatore City gathering 1300 children and youth from 79 institutions. The Festival, which focused on issues such as ending povert…