On 15 November 2014 the second of a round of two meetings on the planning and implementation of Learning to Live Together took place in Athens, Greece.

The participants were made up of teachers from various grade levels (from Kindergarten to Elementary to High School and Lyceum). They discussed how the Learning to Live Together manual would be implemented according to the different school grades, ages and school settings. As part of the meeting, teachers engaged in a "Visit to religious places" and a "Reflection session."


On the 7th of October, Arigatou International Geneva office together with GNRC Colombia carried out an introductory workshop with 37 members of the Peace Builders Movement. This workshop was held in the framework of the VI National Summit of the Peace Builders Movement, a participation process supported by World Vision Colombia, in which protagonists are children, adolescents, and youth leaders coming from vulnerable communities of 12 cities of the country.