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for children worldwide.

The Impact of Learning to Live Together

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strong critical thinking and
make ethical decisions

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to nurture
their spirituality

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to appreciate diversity
and respect others


What is Learning to Live Together?

Learning to Live Together is an education program for teachers to nurture values and spirituality in children and youth—for them to learn to live together in diverse societies. It provides tools to help children and young people develop a stronger sense of ethics, critical thinking, respect for people of other cultures and nurture the sense of belonging to a global community.

Latest News

07 November 2016

Finding synergies to help prevent violent extremism through education

A round table discussion on the topic of education to prevent violent extremism was organized by Arigatou International Geneva on 26 September, bringing together representatives from 15 different...

07 November 2016

Panel Discussion: The role of education in preventing violent extremism

During the last few years the scale of violent extremism has made a major impact in the world, disrupting not only the lives of millions, but also interfering with the progress made on peace,...

07 November 2016

A four-day dialogue in Kenya to promote peace and reconciliation through education

In the effort to improve the current state of History and Government teaching in Kenya and explore ways in which these subjects can be used to promote peace and reconciliation in the country, a...