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Arigatou International Geneva Conducts Online Training for Higher Education Teachers from Egypt and Libya

Arigatou International Geneva, together with the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA), held an advanced online training of trainers on “Design and Delivery” as a follow up of a series of workshops on Higher Education on Peace and Resilience Building and Prevention of Violent Extremism. The online training took place between 8-11 February 2021 and included 10 educators from Egypt and Libya.

This workshop further equipped the participants to design training workshops to be carried out in their respective countries. During the sessions, the participants’ knowledge of how to practically integrate context analysis tools in training sessions for teachers was strengthened. They received a refresher on the Ethics Education Framework and its transformative pedagogy and further support to implement response strategies and solutions for peace and resilience building and the prevention of violent extremism.

During the workshop, the participants developed and delivered practice training sessions, integrating a transformative pedagogy. Finally, the participants set their in-country training agendas for cascading the capacity building for teachers in the coming months, including the selection of participants, topics, priorities and integration of monitoring and evaluation tools.

After the training, the participants shared that they felt more confident to proceed to implement their in-country training plans. Reflecting on her experience as a participant, Dr. Mena from Egypt highlighted that “in this training workshop we have learned how to use the tools and the method to deliver the subject to the students, whoever they are”.

“We learned a lot from each other and I am much more confident now than last time. Last time we learned about the content of the guide, but now I am confident also to use the guide and integrate it in the trainings. We learned how to go into the details, to ask for and integrate feedback, break the ice, not only lecture and teach but to engage. We cannot thank you enough,” said Dr. Ousama Abdelhadi, a participant from Libya.

To conclude the training workshop Mr. Suchith Abeyewickreme from Arigatou International Geneva, highlighted that “going forward the connection created will be further strengthened, as we will continue to follow-up, inspire and develop a community of practice with the participants as they move to deliver the transformative pedagogy approach”.

Arigatou International Geneva has been partnering with UNESCO IICBA on similar projects since 2017, providing technical expertise in adapting its Ethics Education Framework to address peace and resilience building and the prevention of violence through a transformative pedagogy.

This project is supported by the Government of Japan, building on previous phases including the Horn of Africa in 2017, the Sahel region in 2018, and Higher Education in 2019. A training workshop on the same topic will be provided for the Northern African francophone countries between 15 and 18 February 2021.

We thank once again UNESCO-IICBA, the Government of Japan and the participants for trusting in our methodology and working together with us to build a better world for children.

UNESCO IICBA workshop 2

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