Newly Launched! The Ethics Education Fellowship Program to Contribute to Global Citizenship and the Creation of Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

Representatives from ministries of education, intergovernmental organizations, multilateral agencies, civil society organizations and research institutions are collaborating in the development of a fellowship program on ethics education.

The purpose of the Ethics Education Fellowship Program is to strengthen the capacity to implement ethics education in formal educational settings, as a key contribution to developing national programs that foster learning to live together through intercultural and interfaith education.

The Fellowship Program is currently targeting representatives from ministries of education and other government offices from six countries in Africa and Asia—who are interested in advancing ethics education to foster learning to live together and social cohesion in their countries, thereby contributing to the principles of human fraternity.

By creating a network of formal education institutions and a platform for sharing and building capacity within the ministries of education, the Fellowship Program seeks to promote a sustainable continuation and expansion of ethics education activities in the participating countries.

The Fellowship Program is a collaboration between Arigatou International, Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace – Global Humanity for Peace Institute, the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, KAICIID International Dialogue Centre, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa and UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office, as well as the ministries of education or their affiliated offices of the implementing countries partnering in collaboration with the National Commissions for UNESCO. The confirmed participating countries are Kenya, Mauritius and Seychelles in Africa; and Bangladesh and Indonesia in Asia, with a third country in the region to be confirmed.


The project, which is being convened by Arigatou International – Geneva, was kicked off with a partners’ meeting in Geneva, Switzerland held in March 7–8, 2022. Representatives from each partner organization participated in the meeting, where they had the opportunity to discuss the common vision for the collaboration.

A technical team was formed to carry out the action plan of the Fellowship Program and its implementation. It is expected that national consultations will take place in each of the participating countries to assess needs and opportunities, and to define their scope of implementation.

This collaboration was initiated as a follow-up to the Transforming Education global symposium held online in November 22–23, 2021.

A voice from our team:

“Ethics Education constitutes the repository of social and cultural values, as well as the medium of historical memory. Beyond exposing students to tests and examinations, Ethics Education prepares them for the tests of life. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this.”

Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba,
Ph.D., Coordinator, Ethics Education Fellowship Program
Arigatou International - Geneva