January 17, 2015

Ethics Education Projects Taking Off in India

Ethics Education Projects Taking Off in India

A facilitator training workshop on the Learning to Live Together (LTLT) programme was hosted by our partner Shanti Ashram from Coimbatore, India on 27 – 30 June. The workshop brought together 30 young volunteers and teachers from 14 institutions, coming from different educational backgrounds and from Christian, Hindu and Muslim religious communities. While majority of the participants were from Coimbatore, there were also participants from several other cities in India including Chennai, Kochi and Delhi.

The Learning to Live Together Manual as a Contribution to Social Cohesion: The Cape Town Experience – South Africa

This time Stories from the Field brings the voice of Marlene Silbert, former Education Director of the Cape Town Holocaust Center and official Trained Trainer of the Learning to Live Together Program. Marlene shares how the manual has been used in several programs and thematics in Cape Town ranging from human rights, interfaith and intercultural twining and exchange, and religious diversity. Marlene also shares with us the voices of some of the people who have been involved, including teachers and children, and the impact the programs have had on them.

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