Reading and entertainment corner for children

Organization: Muslim Ladies Council
Location: Mauritius

Name of children/youth and ages

Many from different ages from 5 to 30 years

How did you come up with the project?

Sottise is a village near Grand Baie a touristic place in Mauritius. Sottise comprises a section of less fortunate people who cannot make both ends meet. So i realise that a reading corner in this region will be a means of information,education and entertainment for children and youth.

What steps did you take to implement your project?

First and foremost, i went to contact the facilitator Mrs Noorjehan and informed her on the project. It will provide children and youth of the locality to read ,to learn from one another. She immediately expressed her willingness to put a venue at our disposal. So , after having proceded to the required formalities, the reading corner saw the light of the day.

What ethical reflections during activities based on the Learning to Live Together programme contributed towards collective actions by the group?

The main reflections undertaken by the group were to nurture values and ethics to empower children to create a world of sharing, unity,solidarity,justice,peace and dignity.

Give three examples of interfaith and/or intercultural learning among the children and/or youth implementing the project.

The three examples are as follows: (i) nurturing spirituality, (ii) promoting respect,(iii) sharing and consolidating cultures and beliefs.

Explain how the project is sensitive to local contexts.

It goes without saying that Mauritius is a multi ethnic country. But with the many good projects,fruitful results are usually achieved. Here itself,at Sottise,the inhabitants comprise people of different faiths and cultures,the reading corner where all the children and youths are gathered on a daily basis have helped to a very great extent to consolidate friendly ties through the objective of the project in terms of education,information ,and entertainment.

Explain how the project contributes to the positive transformation of the community.

The project has removed the barriers of distance and it has promoted a spirit of togetherness and unity.It has succeeded in advocating respect and good entente from children and youths of different caste,creed and religion. It has raised the standard of the poor children,since the reading corner has been helping them to acquire formal and informal education through various indoor and outdoor activities, namely Poetry recitation,story telling, sketches among others.

How does the project contribute to further intercultural and interfaith learning among people in the local context?

In the light of the above,it has , no doubt, contributed to further inter cultural and interface learning in the local context. Day by day, and increasing number of children, youths and parents of the localities are the regular visitors for collaborative thinking on ethics,education , interface learning and peace building.
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