Rashid Kiwango

Name: Rashid Kiwango
Organization: GNRC Tanzania
Location: Tanzania

Please explain how you have implemented the Learning to Live Together Programme, including the adaptation of its conceptual framework, approach, learning process, methodologies and activities. (600 words)

First I was received workshop to a facilitator during June 2016, and online course this are strength the children and youth led collective action, I was implemented LTLT in different peace club and to my community, I was facilitated different kiosks this is according to the kind of group, i was discussed ethics education, to live by knowing each other, to live by tolerant to each others, socialization and proper behaviors for children, I was usede different approach in order the topic to well understand, I was used song, sport exercise, also I was used different methodology such as motivation, dialogue, discovery, Reflection, this was helped me to understand how much topic it was clear to the children or other kind of group community

Explain how the implemented program has been sensitive to the local context. (400 words)

The program was sensitive because , it caming in at the time that there is religionalism problem, trible problems, and political fighting, this LTLT was keeping people awere of peace in the society , and they was observed that there is no need of conflict between Muslim and Christian, or one member of political party to fight with another member of another political part, so this LTLT is so sensitive due to the needs of the world, world new Peace, world need development. World need cooperation of different issues

How has the implemented program fostered interfaith and/or intercultural learning among participating children and young people? (400 words)

Before the implementation of LTLT the children was no able to socialize due to their religion or due to some belief, muslimu children were not able to join with Christian children, because one group believed that was in correct side than others, also in intercultural some society they was not able to send girl at school only boy can send to school, they believe that girl can remain and wait for marriage only , so after implementation of LTLT no Muslim and Christian they cooperate from each others, the society which they were sending only boy at school now even girl its sending at school, so LTLT fostered interfaith and intercultural in my context

How has the Learning to Live Together Programme influenced a positive transformation in you, in a personal and professional level. (400 words)

Learning to live Together I was increased my positive mind because , I was learned how to soften the mind of children, I was getting the opportunity of understand what problems caming across to the children and how to solve it, I was understand how to make resolution in my society, I was understand of how to participate in different community activities, all in all I was increased socialization in GNRC members and my different group of community

Please explain how you exemplify a strong role-model of the principles of Learning to Live Together. (400 words)

Learning to live together have role in the society, first was to ensure that children live by ethics in the society, the live without discrimination from each other , they show participation, their rights as children , in introducing these was using different methodology such as motivation, dialogue, discovery , Reflection and feedback

Please provide further information on how you initiated, implemented and sustained the programs based on the LTLT, and how you have mobilized necessary support from stakeholders. (600 words)

I was joined in GNRC peace club in 2011, I was a chair man of peace club for 4 years, we were participated in different activities such as tree plantation, environment protection, discussion about climate change, discussion about ethics and so on, i was established onother peace club , the aim of this was to ensure that all society the live peace in their life, I was conducted different meeting in my society , sport camps, youth camps in order to implement LTLT. During March 2018 I was received online course which deal with strength children and youth led collective action, which was given mm a chance to establish school debate in kinondoni Muslim high school, this was give a chance for children to learn how to participate in community activities and to know their rights in the community as children, this given chance to children starting join in community activities
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