Fathima Latiff Mohideen

Name: Fathima Latiff Mohideen
Organization: D.U Foundation
Location: Sri Lanka

Please explain how you have conducted trainings on the Learning to Live Together Programme. (600 words)

After participating in the facilitator training workshop on the Learning To Live Together Intercultural and Interfaith Program for Ethics Education from 11th to 15th of July 2018 Bandaragama, Sri Lanka, I thought and understood how different the concept was. To bring in peace first of all a person should understand what is peace and should have peace within. To love the humanity you should love yourself first. For me it was first understanding yourself before changing the world. The changes should come within along with the understanding the similarities and differences, then to accept and respect. Each person’s priority may differ according to their standard of life and to bring in all this people into humanity as one family under the roof.
To do this work, first you should bring in different people of different faiths and culture and understand value of life being together in peace and harmony. once the human being grows up, he is surrounded with so many aspects of life as gender, life standard, the school you got educated, from what type of a family background you come, economy , occupation, culture and many more. and everyone builds up an image of own with the thinking of “that my way of life is the best” and does not pay heed to any other way. Then again the same type of groups get together and different groups are found from different angles such as occupation example: teachers, doctors, laborers. And people look into these groups in different ways though the basic need of every human being is the same, love, understanding, accept and respect is needed or expected by every human being from the child hood up to whatever the age you live. It is difficult for the adult to change because of the set ideas and goals they already have. Therefore it is much easy to mold the young child to understand the differences and then to accept and live in the society with own identity while learning to live together. Each human being plays a different role in life and each person has got different talents of their own and they are specialized in some way. So this different images will make a beautiful picture called ‘the world’ if it comes together with their own identity without fear and doubts. This is what we need to paint a beautiful picture with different colours. To bring out this quality to the world we should begin a frame work from the childhood as children have no set goals and their minds can be utilized in any manner. Therefore it is much more stronger to start this work with children. But then again the ones who are handling the children are mainly parents and teachers. So it is the parents and teachers cultivate thoughts on children and develop that in them, which can either bring peace or harm to man kind. This is the reason that I thought to make the parents and teachers aware of the importance of learning to live together, make them aware of the present situation of the world, demand and the needful aspects to make it a peaceful place by making the adult understanding the ways and means of bringing changes in children so that we get the cooperation of the adults to achieve this goal.
You should make the adult to realize their present situations whether they are happy or unhappy, what are the changes they need to have, to bring in peace and co-existence. By discussions and giving real experiences to share their views and ideas with each other so that they come to an understanding of the need to change, in a better way to learn to live together and how should we do it.
To create environment for children in play, sports meet, drawing, arts and crafts, exhibition, drama, concerts, camping, tour etc. and provide opportunities for them to mingle with children from different backgrounds to understand others through their own experiences and share their feelings and to build up their own bonds with each other by learning to live together we can have a better world of understanding, love and peace.

How have you used the LTLT Ethics Education Framework? (400 words)

Learning to Live Together manual was used as a guide line as the main objective of the program is” to learn to live together”, by keeping this as the main motive, human dignity, understanding of the child and the child rights, ethics and ethic education, spirituality and interfaith and inter cultural learning was used as key concepts for ethics education. Also build up, respect, empathy, responsibility and reconciliation for people to learn to live together through activities as play, charts, groupwork and reflecting. By giving opportunities to discuss real life incidents or experiences and the consequences of it. And what should have happen and what other things can be done to avoid the unpleasant situations and self motivating to learn to live together and discuss to find different ways how we can promote this thinking among children to learn to live together, also motivate practice with the help of theory and practical reflection.

Explain how the conducted trainings have been sensitive to the local context. (400 words)

As different faiths and religions live in the locality and between the same religion and culture, there are differences from family to family you find the same. Identification of why they are different and the need to show empathy and understanding the other, from the basic was very much needed. Some times it seems that we ignore some parts of people, which may be the main structure and the main value they give in life. By understanding the value of priority each person gives and to accept and respect was a real need for the locality and the feeling that this simple and sensitive issues were neglected for a long time and the separations have build up without knowledge.

How has the conducted trainings impacted the trained facilitators? (400 words)

They felt self awareness also learn to reflect about situations from the other person’s shoe felt the real feeling of how others felt. Guilty at times for not being understanding towards others as much as we expect this towards us in our own matters. It was an eye opener for each person of many areas that they have been neglecting or was not bothered about others lives up to date. They were able to look in to many directions about which they were not bothered before and by listening to others they felt how very little knowledge we have and that there is so much more to learn to understand about people to learn to live together.

Please give some examples to show your resourcefulness and creativity to organize trainings of facilitators. (600 words)

Firstly make the participants introduce them selves, name, organization they are working for and the work they are doing and for what reason they came for the program. Then discuss and form own set of conduct for the program until the end of the program so that it will create safe learning environment and confidence, learn, share, speak out without feeling embarrassed or without feeling insecure, and also respect, listen and to reflect each person’s opinion. To make the participants relaxed through ice breakers so that they feel comfortable and to feel ease, get some practical work before getting into the subject for example: if we want to discuss about people who are different, we can get the participants to have a leaf in hand, observe it well, think about it then tell about the leaf they have in hand and to compare it to mankind. Some may have leaves from the same tree and the smell of the leaf is the same but the colours, veins look different. Some leaves may look fresh and fine while the others look yellow and unhealthy so you compare this to mankind. Some for certain reasons very high spirited and some are not though they are from the same place. Some leaves may be eaten by insects therefore it is damaged. When you compare the same to the society, it reflects that some people have damaged images or life style because they have been the reason for the other persons benefit just as the leaf was eaten by the insect and the leaf is damaged. Also give a ball to play, at the end of that game, how they played, who and who participated, who did not participate, did others notice that some didn’t participate?, what other things they could have done for better results. Sometimes you get better results by working in groups and there is also when a leader leads you, you finish your task in a successful manner. By this kind of real experiences that we share the feelings of each other, learn to respect and accept and lend a helping hand to the other.

How have you provided mentorship and guidance to trained facilitators? (400 words)

To be honest and encouraging, and to give the fullest capacity of our energy, by being honest and truthful that you find the inner peace. Have faith in whatever you do, and to have untiring patience. Sometimes you may have to face challenges, but never be judgmental about anyone until you come to know the truth or reality about the person. never judge a person through what others say because it is their opinion, if you want to do honest work then get into their shoe to understand what they go through. every time you get the opportunity to help someone never hesitate to do it, never underestimate your power within you, maybe the help you could do at the moment is only a smile or listen, yet this little act maybe the most important thing that the other person needs. maybe you have to struggle alone in this path, yet don’t give up because eventually you will others joining in for the good work. No matter how small your audience do not stop the good deed you do. Bring in a smile at least to whoever you come across in life, for you may never meet them again. Look at the positive part of every person as all of us have our own weakness. Never stop anyone of whatever the good work they do, no matter how small it is. Look into children whenever speaking to them, they may have an untold pain in the eye try to understand and help them out. Help the child to learn on his own, understand that their need for love, understanding, care, safety is important just as for adults. Try to make a huge beautiful image of yours in every single person’s heart you meet in your life time, Look around so you may notice things that you have never seen before. Spend some time each day for your own- self reflecting over the happenings of the day to make a better beautiful tomorrow.

How has the Learning to Live Together Programme influenced a positive transformation in you, in a personal and professional level? (400 words)

Learning to live together programme has changed my personal and professional life. Talking about my personal life, as I am an energy psychotherapist I have and believe to be a very kind and understanding person. And of course, I trust myself in being very truthful. But in Learning to Live Together workshop there very two incident which took place where I had to think in reality how very understanding I am. Soon after a game when we started to discuss there were few who didn’t take part in the game because they were scared the team may loose if they drop the ball, and some felt that they went unnoticed. During the game i did not notice these issues taking place until they spoke out. this made me to think how very small my capacity of understanding people, and among thirty participants i was unable to notice many of them and understand them, and how on earth am i going to understand the world if I am unable to notice in a small circle. This made me determine to be more conscious of the society we live in. And the other incident was, when we did the group work there were three of us. Two ladies and a gentleman. once we finished the presentation, and had to give our opinions i was taken by surprised, when the gentleman in our group mentioned that he was not listened enough, therefore his contribution in the project was less. Again I felt ashamed of myself, how did I become so ignorant not to understand or to listen to him. So my thinking of being a very understanding person was nothing even when I had to work with three. This is where I understood my weakness of not being understanding towards others at all, this changed my personal opinion. When it comes to professional Learning to Live Together programme inspired me in two things. One was how they created the atmosphere before discussing a topic. The way they make the participants move on with the flow, step by step was beautiful. I have taken this methodology to use in my work shops too, also making the participants to reflect, discuss of their opinions in different situations was wonderful. This gave me lots of space to come to know people react or think with more empathy in different matters. This gave a better understanding and made me comfortable which I practice the same with my participants.

Please explain how you exemplify a strong role-model of the principles of Learning to Live Together. (400 words)

To be a resourceful person in situations without panicking, listen attentively to what others have to say. Answer every question to their satisfaction and give opportunities for everyone to participate in every assigned work. Sit among them when working, encourage, motivate and admire their work. Give them guidelines on how to prepare their workshop, help them carry out their opinions. Also make them to share their own experiences and provide opportunities to learn from others.Also explain about the motivation of Arigatoue International in having workshops on Learning to Live Together. To explain and provide the learning and teaching methodologies in how to promote Learning to Live Together through activities providing for children, to explore about the environment on their own about people, fates, their beliefs, to give them experiences, and to understand on their own the ethical demands. Accept and to learn to get along, be an encouraging person, not to fall back and run away from the work you have started with Arigatoue International Learning to Live Together.

Explain how you act as an ambassador and advocator of the Learning to Live Together Programme in your local context. (600 words)

Go to different organizations, such as schools, welfare centers, community workers and different religious centers and meet the authorities, explain about Learning to Live Together and have Introductory workshops to give the basic idea about what is Learning to Live Together. And then provide them with the Learning to Live Together workshops in long term, while in the process to gather the information of transformation. and also to gather any other areas of Learning to Live Together which has to be addressed as from place to place, organizations to organizations have different needs, understand them and provide the maximum amount of the Learning to Live Together methodologies, and to keep up records to see the process of work to be alert on how much proceeding and how much more work should be done.To promote the work as per curricular activity specially in schools so that the children get involved in working with different chaos to achieve Learning to Live Together. To keep updating Arigatoue of all the work done even if it is very small. Also expect to get the guidance of Arigatoue International right throughout this journey.
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