Intercultural Education (Special Immigrant Issue) (Vol. 19, No. 2, Oct 2008) -6 May 2010

*Periodical journal with scholarly articles, including: "Immigrant access to education: a comparative perspective" "Access to education and equity in plural societies" "Transnational schooling and the new immigrants: developing dual identities in the United States" "Discrimination and good practice activities in education: trends and developments in the 27 EU Member States" "The children of guest workers: comparative analysis of scholastic achievement of pupils of Turkish origin throughout Europe" "Territories of integration: the children of immigrants in the schools of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon" "Chilren of immigrants in Trento: educational achievement through the lens of friendship" "Educating immigrant children in a 'newcomer' immigration country. A case study" "Good practices addressing school integration of Roma/Gypsy children in Hungary"

  • category: Intercultural/Interfaith Education
  • publisher: Taylor & Francis 2008
  • isbn: ISSN 1467-5986
  • author: International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE)
  • format: Journal
  • page_count: 369-475 (94 total)
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