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As global ethics emerges as an important answer to the common issues facing humankind, we cannot spare an inquiry on the process leading to a consensus on global values. If we are to break political, economic, ideological, cultural, religious and gender-based patterns of domination in the debate on global ethics, we must ensure that all parties to the dialogue are able to express their values freely and in their own fashion. The book provides indications of the current studies on the hermeneutics of intercultural dialogue on ethics, with an attempt to formulate priorities for future implementation of this dialogue. These include using our own religious resources to foster dialogue on ethics, searching in the transcendental or the holistic for a solution to moral diversity, dealing with the deep concern caused by colonization and imperialism, and addressing the mutual challenges of traditionalism and modernism. Also presented are the “Globethics.net Principles on Sharing Values across Cultures and Religions”.

Link: http://www.globethics.net/documents/4289936/13403236/GlobalSeries_4_SharingValues_text.pdf/6162b4a5-5cd2-4af6-bdc5-70699b69d923
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