Vacant Positions

Child Rights Program Officer - Arigatou International

Arigatou International is looking for an experienced and motivated Child Rights Program Officer to join its team in Europe.

Arigatou International draws on universal principles of common good to fulfill its “All for Children” mission. At the heart of our work is creating inclusive spaces for shared action to promote children’s rights and well-being. We encourage individuals and organizations to take action to ensure that all girls and boys grow up safe and sound, develop to their full potential, and are inspired and empowered to work with others to make a difference in their communities. 

Arigatou International develops and sustains multi-stakeholder initiatives designed to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and that all of their rights are respected and protected. Engaging diverse collaborators, we employ interfaith and intercultural approaches to bring about positive change for children at all levels—from the grassroots to the global.

The Arigatou International office in Geneva, Switzerland manages the Ethics Education initiative through its enhancement, further development and partnerships. It also serves as a liaison office with UN agencies and child-rights-focused NGOs. Ethics Education for Children promotes values and ethics for children within the framework of the child’s right to education as stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Child Rights Program Officer will be involved in supporting Child Participation specifically in the Global Network of Religions for Children ( GNRC) “ Children’s Committee”, as well as in strengthening Child Safeguarding in collaboration with Arigatou International offices.  The Child Rights Program Officer will be working on the design and implementation of projects on child meaningful engagement and on training with adults and children on safeguarding.

The GNRC Children’s Committee is an annual internship program for children who are members of GNRC groups around the world. The committee is composed of around 6 to 10 children who are active in their communities. For more information click here.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate children’s meaningful participation in existing projects and activities organized by Arigatou International Offices, following the Guidelines of Arigatou International on Child Participation and Safeguarding.
  • Coordinate the “GNRC Children’s Committee” and develop a child rights approach learning program for their meaningful engagement in collaboration with the Arigatou International Geneva Head of Programs.
  • Have regular meetings and communication with children to support preparations for specific events and follow up on their progress and needs along their engagement.
  • Support building children’s capacity on child rights and child participation including, promotion of online courses, and development of activities and materials to support their meaningful engagement in activities.
  • Map and collect activities led by children and youth from the Global Network of Religions for Children at the local and global level and liaise with the communications team to showcase them on the AI websites, newsletters, and social media.
  • Liaise with partners, including members of our Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), to strengthen capacities on child rights, including child safeguarding and participation.
  • Provide technical support and facilitate the implementation of training programs on Child Safeguarding for Arigatou International.
  • Work in close collaboration with colleagues from the different Arigatou International offices on child participation and safeguarding, when necessary.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Child Rights or in a field relevant to education, social sciences, or peace education
  • At least three years of experience in working directly with children and young people, managing projects related to child safeguarding and participation
  • Knowledge of Child Rights and child participation
  • Working experience in conducting trainings for children and adults
  • Fluency in English with strong oral and written communication skills and strong analytical skills
  • Excellent professional proficiency in Spanish is required, and good knowledge of one of the following languages: Arabic, French, or Portuguese, is preferred
  • Excellent communication skills, as well as creativity to engage children and young people in meaningful ways
  • Good knowledge of social media and video editing apps, and be familiar with the use of online tools
  • Effective project management skills including the ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously while upholding quality standards
  • Strong attention to detail in all tasks
  • Excellent organizational skills: the ability to track and follow up on various efforts
  • Good interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity: the ability to work in a multicultural environment and successfully interact with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds
  • Flexible work attitude: the ability to work under pressure and short timelines; the ability to follow direction, work independently and effectively learn and work in a multicultural environment as well as self-motivated.

Reports to: Vera Leal, Head of Programs, Arigatou International Geneva

Timeframe: This is a part-time position (50%). The selected candidate should start at the beginning of September 2022.  The initial contract is for one year.  

Location: Home-based in Europe

Applications including CV and motivation letter should be submitted to by 10 August 2022.