Geneva Peace Week 2018 - Contributing to Peaceful and Inclusive Societies: Working Together to End Violence in Early Childhood

Arigatou International - Geneva is organizing an event on Contributing to Peaceful and Inclusive Societies: Working Together to End Violence in Early Childhood, within the framework of the Geneva Peace Week 2018.


To achieve the transformation envisioned by the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to focus on children’s physical and emotional wellbeing nurturing social and emotional skills, such as sharing, resolving conflict without violence and the ability to form and maintain respectful relations with others. For this reason, we need to change harmful social norms and attitudes by strengthening norms and values that support non-violent, respectful, nurturing, positive and gender equitable relationships for all children and adolescents.

Families, schools and religious communities need to become safe environments for children’s sound and healthy development. Violence against children does not only violate children’s physical and emotional well-being but also their spiritual safety and development, as it breaks their connections with others and their sense of trust and respect for other human beings.

This event explores how local actors such as civil society organizations and religious communities, together with multilateral organizations and governments, can work together contributing to end violence in early childhood, challenging social and cultural norms that justify it and ultimately equipping the future generations to build positive relationships that are the foundation of peaceful societies.

This event builds on the initiatives that Arigatou International is carrying out in the framework of the Consortium on Strengthening Families to Nurture Values and Spirituality in Early Childhood. More on the Consortium, here.





Please register by sending an email to before 01 November 2018.


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In order to attend Peace Week events held at the Palais des Nations, please note that if you do not have a valid UN badge, in addition to your registration to the event itself, you will need to register for a Geneva Peace Week pass to access the Palais des Nations. This pass is valid from Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 November and you only need to register once.

Please note: The badges should be collected from the Palais des Nations entrance Pregny Gate (opposite the ICRC) in advance of the event you wish to attend. Do not forget to bring a valid form of ID!

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The event rooms for Geneva Peace Week (Room V & Room VIII) are located in Building A. A site map of the UNOG buildings can be found here.