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Second Draft of Toolkit Introduced at GNRC Europe meeting

Ethics education with an emphasis on spirituality and children's participation is a priority area for GNRC Europe the coming year.

The Second Draft of the Toolkit on Ethics Education through Interfaith Learning was introduced at the GNRC Europe meeting in Paris, May 25-27, 2007. The two young adults from Europe, who attended the training workshop in Delhi in April and who are part of the year long training of trainers process, shared information about the Toolkit as well as their experiences from the training workshop in Delhi.

Members of the GNRC met to identify the main problems facing children across Europe and determine how the GNRC will respond in the region in the lead-up to the GNRC Third Forum in May 2008. GNRC Europe members agreed to prioritize ethics education with an emphasis on spirituality and participation of children as well further training to use the Toolkit, thereby providing interfaith and intercultural learning opportunities. 

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