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The Second Meeting of the Committee of the Interfaith Council Concluded

The Committee members of the Interfaith Council suggested strategies on how to promote ethics education using Media during their second meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, 16 – 17 January 2006

The Committee of the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children suggested strategies on how to promote ethics education using Media during a two-day meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, 16 – 17 January 2006. Wide ranging strategies which the Council plans to prioritize and implement were suggested by the committee members who were meeting for the second time since the Council was put in place.

In his opening speech read to the Committee, Rev. Keishi Miyamoto expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the members and the GNRC Regional Coordinators for their commitment to ethics education for children. Rev. Miyamoto noted that the Council was entering a key phase in which concrete actions should be planned and taken ‘to pursue ethics education in a more tangible manner’.

Rev. Miyamoto decried the unfortunate events that occurred in 2005 such as the rampant terrorism that hit London and Amman and the unrest in France involving immigrant youth stating they needed to be addressed. He also singled out the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, prejudices and environmental degradation as major problems with ethical dimensions that needed urgent attention from the international community.

The committee members were updated on achievements and developments that had taken place since the first meting which was held in February 2005 in Geneva. Two Youth Council members, namely Nour Ammari of ‘Fishers Program’ from Jordan and Emanuel Mathias Nhumba of the ‘Education for Peace Program’ from Tanzania, were also present at the meeting.

A panel of media experts together with the committee members discussed media issues in relation to ethics challenges and the children. The experts who are based in Geneva included Mr. Juan Michel from World Council of Churches, Ms. Hedayat Abdel-Nabi from the Kuwait News Agency and Mr. Guillaume Cheneviere, President of the World Radio and Television Council and a Director of Media and Society Foundation.A paper on Media, Values and Children titled Children in a Changing Media Landscape by Dr. Cecilia von Felitzen was presented to the committee to enrich discussions which were dedicated to media issues.