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Learning To Live Together Workshop implemented by GNRC South Africa

A one-day workshop on theLearning to Live Together Programmewas held nn Saturday 26 April 2014 for children of the Mavela Ikhaya Project near Durban, organized by members of the GNRC in South Africa.  
The one day workshop was organized by GNRC members, Saydoon Nisa Sayed and Uzzi Uthamaan Mpungose, who were trained on the Learning to Live Together Programme in Nairobi, Kenya in January 2014. 

The facilitators brought together both rural and urban youth for a day of learning using games and recreational activities following Module 1 – Understanding Self and Others, from the Learning to Live Together manual.

The day started with ice breakers and an introduction to each other, where participants had the chance to learn more about one another, their names, their aspirations, what makes them happy, what they do, where they come from, including reflections about their ancestry and roots; they also shared their talents and what makes them sad or dissapoint them.  They had the opportunity to talk among themselves to discover differences and similarities and learn that behind the name there is a person with so much history, experiences and similarities that are not easy to know just by the physical appearance.

After participatory activities, participants were brought through the different kiosks of the Learning to Live Together manual and were asked to look at their community and share reflections about their common humanity, diversity around, the stereotypes and prejudices upheld by each of the participants, the situations that affect them and the importance of working together.  Mavela is a rural area where very few recreational spaces are provided for children and youth and where inhabitants face several social and economic challenges.  Participants explored the challenges but they also identified ways to make Mavela a place for mutual understanding and respect. 
Children and youth had a great time learning to live and play together. Children expressed how happy they were being able to be out of the classroom, playing with one another and learning about their community.  Another workshop with the same children and youth will de held during the course of 2014.

Special thanks to Saydoon Nisa Sayed and Uzzi Uthamaan Mpungose for oganizing the activity.