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Workshop on the Learning to Live Together held at the annual conference of the International Association for Intercultural Education in Zagreb

Arigatou International organized a workshop to introduce its Learning to Live Together manual at the annual conference of the International Association for Intercultural Education, held from 17 to 21 September in Zagreb at the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, under the theme “ Unity and disunity connections and separations”: Intercultural Education as a movement for promotion multiple identities, social inclusion and transformation.
The conference aimed at “discussing the ways in which the plurality and contextuality of identity can be understood, (re)constructed, positioned and explored through the theory and practice of intercultural education.”  Representatives of some of the most well known Universities working on the Intercultural Education field were present at the conference. During five days participants discussed and shared their experience and research, and engaged in dialogue in what its been done around the world on: Intercultural education, social Justice, identity, diversity, child and child rights, how to protect children and build social capital in countries affected by armed conflicts, and citizenship education.

Arigatou International was invited to facilitate a pre-conference workshop to introduce Arigatou International and the Learning to Live Together programme to scholars, teachers and university students attending the conference.

As a result of the workshop and conference participation, Arigatou International was invited to Introduce its ethics education programme at the School of Education Paula Frassinetti in Portugal to social education and primary school students and university professors; in Greece at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Early Childhood, University of Thrace; in Poland at the University of Life Sciences.  Participants from the Bahia Federal University in Brazil are also interested to explore opportunities for collaboration. 

Arigatou International was represented by Angeliki Aroni, International Trainer on the Learning to Live Together and Vera Leal, Ethics Education Program Officer.

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