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Arigatou International represented in Interreligious Conference in Graz

Mrs Gelly Aroni, trained trainer of the Arigatou Learning to Live Together manual, represented Arigatou International in an Interreligious Conference held in Graz, Austria, where she participated on a panel on Religion and Spirituality and presented the manual as a solid pedagogical tool to support children's spiritual growth. 
During 17-20 July, 2013 an Interreligious Conference was held in the Austrian city of Graz with the aim of making a contribution to the peaceful coexistence of the different faith communities in Europe. 150 representatives from various faith communities and University experts from the respective fields of study met, discussed and shared their expertise and views on topics relevant to the peaceful coexistence of religions and cultures in Europe. Consensually the participants worked out a Graz Message of Peace to promote the peaceful coexistence of the different cultures and religions.

Arigatou International actively participated at the Conference with its representative, Gelly Aroni. Mrs Aroni took part in the Workshop “Religions and Spirituality” where she stressed the importance of nurturing spirituality in children and youth presenting Learning to Live Together programme as an example of Good Practice.

Mrs Aroni also co-moderated the Workshop on “Religions and Human Rights” where the role of religions and their contribution to the advocacy of Human Rights was explored. As the workshop discussed the way religions could cooperate with administrative services and NGOs in their engagement with Human Rights, Mrs Aroni introduced GNRC to the participants as the only global interfaith network exclusively devoted to child rights. 

Special thanks to Mrs Aroni for representing Arigatou International during this important interreligious conference.

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