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A Learning to Live Together training for Sports Teachers in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

This training workshop is unique, not because it was done in the District of Kilimanjaro, but because it was organized, for the first time, for a group of Sports teachers.
Arigatou International, GNRC Africa, Tanzania Sport training centre and Tanzania Educational Advancement Through Export Marketing organized a basic training on how to use the Learning To Live Together manual in physical education classes. This training workshop was lead by Angeliki Aroni from Greece, Vera Leal from Portugal and assisted by Rogers Fungo from GNRC Africa.  It mustered teacher from four secondary schools and children from the sane schools.

The aim of this particular workshop was to to provide training for teachers who want to teach the subject of Physical Education in accordance with the secondary school physical education syllabus that has been provided by the Tanzania Institute of Education and at the same time to introduce the manual Learning to Live Together  and how it can be used in the context of Physical Education. Participants were guided on how to implement the manual with children from 12 to 18, to think about the role of physical education for peaceful coexistence and to learn how to successfully use it within the sports/physical education classes. 

This not the first time that a Learning To Live Together workshop was done in Tanzania, but it was the first time, it was organized with Sport teachers.