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Media and Information Technology Training for GNRC Peace Club Leaders

Initiatives part of the GNRC and Interfaith Council promotion of media education for children

Twenty GNRC Peace Club leaders and members were over the weekend trained on the effective and efficient use of the Internet, the new media, and how and where to access relevant information to their work in schools and peace-building activities. The initiative started by the Great Lakes Zone Young Peace Builders Network (GYOPEN) is aimed at strengthening the ongoing Education for Peace Program.

Important information regarding issues on media, media education and harmful media content from both the Internet, television and others were passed on to the trainees. Frank Richard, who is the Coordinator of the GYOPEN, facilitated the training. Members from four Peace Clubs attended the training.
The initiative called
‘Peace, Ethics and ICT’ was conceived to help the Peace Club leaders and members to communicate, share information and knowledge on the issues relating to peace, ethics and peace-building through the Internet and the use of new media. Peace Club leaders and members in Zanzibar will be trained in June 2006.
The Youth representative to the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children Emanuel Mathias introduced the Peace Club members to the ongoing efforts in ethics education championed by the Council. Himself a member of the Council, Emanuel introduced the concept of ‘Ethics Education Through Arts’ in which it was discussed and developed further.
GNRC Africa has through the Education for Peace Program connected the children and youth belonging to the Peace Clubs in Dar es Salaam and the Islands of Zanzibar with the Internet connectivity to enhance their work in peace-building. The facilities located at the GNRC offices in Dar es Salaam and Tumekuja School in Zanzibar have been helpful in enhancing communication between the Peace Clubs locally, and have helped them in accessing information on similar initiatives elsewhere.