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GNRC Coordinators Meet in Sweden

GNRC Coordinators convened to evaluate resource kit.
The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) Coordinators held their third meeting this year in Sweden. The meeting took place on 21st November after the GNRC Workshop on Ethics Education in the Nordic region.
GNRC Coordinators discussed and evaluated the content and the methodology of the resource kit, which was used in the workshop. The learning from the group session where the resource kit was used will be compiled and shared with the Committee on the Interfaith Council at its upcoming meeting in January 2006.  
The Agenda of the upcoming second committee meeting of the Interfaith Council was also discussed and refined. Guidelines for GNRC Coordinators in the regions have for some time being under development and were finalized at this meeting. GNRC developments in 2005 and the planned work in 2006 were also discussed as well as contributions of GNRC to building a world fit for children among other issues.
GNRC Coordinators from different world regions were in attendance; Ms Mercedes Roman (GNRC Latin America), Rev. Prof. Qais Sadiq (GNRC Arab States), Ms Martha Palma (GNRC Europe), Dr. Mustafa Ali, (GNRC Africa), Ms Razia Ismail Abbasi (GNRC Central Asia and the Caucuses), Mr. Aruna Jayasena who represented Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne (GNRC South Asia) and Ms Dorit Shippin (GNRC Israel). They joined GNRC Secretary General Mr. Atsushi Iwasaki and the Director of Arigatou Foundation Office in Geneva Ms Agneta Ucko. Also in attendance was Peter Billings, Arigatou Foundation staff.
The next GNRC Coordinators Meeting will take place in Geneva in January 2006 after the meeting of the Committee of the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children.