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Discussing Education in the Context of Social and Cultural Uncertainties at OXSCIE 2017

Arigatou International Geneva was invited to participate in a series of discussions to re-examine the mission of education and the meaning of learning in an uncertain world during the Oxford Symposium in Comparative and International Education (OXSCIE).

OXSCIE 2017 took place on from 8 to 9 June in Oxford University, UK and was organized by the Department of Education and St. Antony's College, in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation and the Global Centre for Pluralism.

Delegates and speakers engaged in debate and dialogue within the historic walls of Lady Margaret Hall, in the framework of three round tables: The Role and Mission of Education in the Context of Political and Economic Uncertainties; The Meaning of Teaching and Learning in the Context of Educational Uncertainties; and Education in the Context of Social and Cultural Uncertainties.

Mr. Andrés Guerrero, former member of the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children, presented a paper posing the question: “Is education to learn to live together a choice or an ethical demand?” In his presentation, Mr. Guerrero addressed the pressing issue of access to quality education, and how many children around the world are still being left behind, particularly those affected by poverty.

He talked about the role of education as key for development and peace, but also pointed out that education can be part of the problem when used as an instrument for indoctrination or discrimination. In this regard, he challenged the current educational system to “retrieve the very essence of the meaning of education, which is to help children develop to their full potential, not just intellectually, but also emotionally, relationally and spiritually”. He stressed the need to ensure that education systems include values-based education in their curricula to foster intercultural and interfaith learning in a world where extremist ideologies and fear of the other are rising.

The complete presentation is available in THIS LINK.