Global Awards

Criteria for Most Committed Trainer

Eligibility Criteria

Applications submitted to the “Global Awards” need to fulfil each and every one of the following criteria to be deemed eligible:

  • The applicant was officially trained as Trainer of the Learning to Live Together Programme;
  • Applicants must submit the application form and video through our webpage which will be open from 21 March 2018 to 01 September 2018 at 17:00 Geneva time.
  • By submitting an application form and video, applicants accept the publication of the form and video on our website.

Selection Criteria

Shortlisted applications will be evaluated against a comprehensive set of criteria.

  • The work demonstrates quality training of facilitators on the LTLT Programme;
  • The training programs conducted demonstrate clear use of the LTLT ethics education framework;
  • The implemented trainings are sensitive to the local context and demonstrate the impact on the trained facilitators;
  • The applicant shows the resourcefulness and creativity;
  • The applicant demonstrates willingness and availability to provide mentorship and guidance to trained facilitators;
  • The applicant demonstrates both a personal and professional positive transformation and exemplifies a strong role-model;
  • The applicant is an ambassador and advocate of the Learning to Live Together Programme in his/her local context.


This award will include an award plate, sponsored personal development opportunities to a value of 300 USD, as well as the opportunity to be invited to one of the 10th Anniversary celebrations to present and share the work on the LTLT.

Application Form