The White Book of our Future -11 January 2011

The White Book of our Future is an educational initiative launched by UNESCO and P.A.U. Education, which has already been implemented in Mali and Honduras. The project is currently being carried out by P.A.U. Education and coordinated locally by Caritas in Egypt. It aims to encourage street children to express their thoughts regarding the issues which surround them and to reflect on their future. The White Book of our Future hopes to encourage children to express themselves and to raise their awareness of their own skills. It also seeks to foster in-depth debate in society regarding the plight of these children so that it decides to consider their right to participate fully in it.

  • category: Child Protection
  • publisher: Mar Nieto
  • isbn: 84-8294-637-4
  • author: Abd El Azeem Beshr Abd El Azeem · Abdallah Khaled Gaber · Abeer Sayed Hassan ·Mohamed Farag · Karim
  • format: Book
  • page_count: 64
  • copy_count: 1
  • is_online: Yes