Violence Against Children in Tanzania, Findings from a National Survey 2009 -3 July 2012

The 2009 Tanzania Violence against Children Study (VACS) is the first national survey of violence against children in the United Republic of Tanzania. The 2009 VACS is a nationally representative survey of 3,739 females and males, 13 to 24 years old, which is based on a three-stage cluster household survey design. This survey was designed to yield separate estimates of experiences of sexual, physical, and emotional violence prior to turning age 18 for females and males in the United Republic of Tanzania, mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. More extensive information on the context and prevalence of sexual violence was collected because Tanzanian stakeholders identified sexual violence as a serious problem; hence sexual violence is the primary focus of the study. There is currently limited information of the prevalence of sexual violene, and the negative health outcomes associated with sexual violence. This report presents the results of the United Republic of Tanzania, with a distinct section on Zanzibar. The specific results for Zanzibar are presented separately as the systems in place to develop a prevention and response plan are distinct from those in Mainland Tanzania ..."

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