Children in Islam: Their care, upbringing and protection -3 June 2010

*Underlines and illustrates what Islam offers in terms of caring for children in the a work by a distinguished group of scholars in the fields of theology, medical science, psychology, sociology and education *Discusses critical issues pertaining to the child from the various medical, psychological and social aspects, emphasizing advances that have been made in the areas in our contemporary world *Comprises four themes: child rights, child health, child protection and child education *English, French, and Arabic editions

  • category: Children's Rights, Religious Education
  • publisher: Al-Azhar University, 2005
  • isbn: 17080-2005
  • author: Al-Azhar University, UNICEF
  • format: Book
  • page_count: 123
  • copy_count: 4
  • is_online: No