Researching Conflict in Africa Insights and Experiences -25 February 2011

Africa has the uncanny reputation of being the world’s leading theatre of conflict, war, poverty, disease, and instability. Therefore it is not surprising that scholars of ethnicity and conflict management regard it as a major laboratory for experimentation and theory building. Notwithstanding the exaggerations and oversimplifications that sometimes attend the claims and findings, including the tendency to lump all states in the continent together as suffering from the tribalism disease, Africa generally has not disappointed and, in a manner of speaking, has lived up to its billing. This is certainly true of the turbulent post-Cold War period in which Africa has experienced persistent violent and seemingly intractable conflicts.

  • category: Human Rights, Human Rights Education
  • publisher: United Nations University Press
  • isbn: 92-808-1119-3
  • author: Elisabeth Porter, Gillian Robinson, Marie Smyth, Albrecht Schnabel, Eghosa Osaghae
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