Pawns of politics Children, conflict and peace in Northern Uganda -11 January 2011

For more than a decade, World Vision has worked with the communities in northern Uganda to help them cope with the impacts of war. At World Vision’s Children of War Centre in Gulu, children who escape from captivity under the Lord’s Resistance Army are helped to return home and rebuild their lives through psychosocial counselling, healthcare, education and vocational training. In the camps for displaced persons, food, water and shelter only begin to address the needs of millions of families forced from their homes. We can give blankets to night commuters, but we also need to end the fear that drives them to leave home. The insecurity and costs of this war for everyone over the years is a price that is too high to pay

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  • author: Rory E. Anderson, Fortunate Sewankambo, Kathy Vandergrift
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