The Child Labour Problem -11 January 2011

The Child Labour Problem. Issues and Solutions is the most recently published number of Defence for Children's Monitor. This number, dedicated to the child labour issue, is published at the time of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of DCI. It is an outcome of the cooperation of DCI with IREWOC, the Foundation for International Research on the Exploitation of Working Children. The book presents articles with different views on child labour policy ranging from proponents of a respectful approach to children's decision to work towards proponents of the total eradication of child labour. It also contains some articles that give insight into special cases of working children.

  • category: Child Protection
  • publisher: IREWOC
  • isbn: 90-809262-1-3
  • author: DCI, International Children's Rights Monitor
  • format: Book
  • page_count: 154
  • copy_count: 1
  • is_online: No