Outlooks on Children and Media -12 January 2011

Focusing on media literacy this yearbook compiles information on recent and current trends in media effects, including research on children and media, declarations related to the area, and a selection of relevant organizations and Web sites. The report first delineates children's rights as stipulated in the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and presents information on the distribution of children and adolescents worldwide. Current research information is then presented on the following topics: (1) the changing media environment; (2) recent trends in children's television programming by region; (3) violence in electronic games; (4) the impact of advertising in audio-visual and digital children's media; (5) children's access to media by region; (6) children's media use and media use styles; (7) children's media content preferences; (8) the presentation of children in the media; and (9) the impact of media on children. The report next discusses the increasing debate about what international means might support media that guarantee freedom of expression for adults and children while protecting children from harmful influences. The report next presents examples of international meetings on children and the media since 1990. Organizations and networks providing opportunities for children to develop media literacy and to participate in creating media are described. Finally, the report discusses the influences of media violence and the regulation and self-regulation of media. Also included are international and regional declarations and resolutions on children and media. A table is appended delineating media information by nation worldwide, with information on income classification of countries

  • category: Children's Rights
  • publisher: Nordicom
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  • author: Cecilia von Feilitzen, Catharina Bucht
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