Kiosk Online Platform

Kiosk Online Platform

The Kiosk is a platform for connection, communication, collaboration, and learning for facilitators and trainers using the Learning to Live Together Programme.

The long-term goal of this platform is to create a self-sustaining community of practice around the implementation of Ethics Education programs. The Kiosk is an attractive, simple and intuitive online space; it is self-sustaining and contributes to the transfer of knowledge between facilitators by diversifying their sources of information and by validating their experience.

Facilitators and trainers can use The Kiosk to share information about their projects and resources, engage in discussions and ask for support and feedback from colleagues around the world. It also provides technical guidance to implement the Learning to Live Together Programme through online tools such as simulations, program design activities, reflection spaces, webinars, and online courses to strengthen facilitators' knowledge and skills to better implement the programme in a variety of settings.

This initiative is part of a strategy to provide additional training support to facilitators and to develop a Knowledge Hub on Ethics Education for Children. 

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