In the development of the personality of a human being, three factors matter most, according to Buddhist philosophy. These are the Environment in which we live, the Karmic inheritance we have got from past lives and the degree to which we develop our Mind. These three factors together influence the awakening or the decline of the personality of the human being from its conception in the mother's womb to its final exit from this world or death. During this long or short life span there is nothing which is not subject to change every moment.

Bolivia is going through an important process of decolonization and construction of the country, a new political scenario that has generated a set of changes and transformations with the participation of indigenous peoples, peasants and society in general. This process is the outcome of the New Constitution enforced in 2010 that led to a new model of State and society that overcomes the old monocultural State, which used to promote a single language, a single official religion and an exclusive State structure of large majorities in multicultural societies.

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