I was witness to a 'community food bank', a very creative initiative that Arun, a child from one of our service villages initiated a few years ago. The trigger, 'a testimony of hunger', that formed part of the ethics education workshop he had participated in. He was honoured at the annual Coimbatore Peace Festival for his concrete work in serving society and building peace. As his name was read out along with his background, initiative and achievements ...the applause from the assembled children and young people got almost deafening. I sat there moved by this spontaneous 'sangamam', a coming together of children, one that transcended words and differences. This sangamam was based on what they valued and appreciated. The food bank continues even today to draw great energy and contribution from children in serving families living with HIV in my city Coimbatore.

Hinduism is a very ancient religion believed to be thousands of years old. It has no particular founder nor it is dependent upon any specific book. It is as mysteriously complex on the one hand and as simple as the rays of the sun on the other hand. Tracing its origin is as impossible as tracing the origin of God Himself! It is ‘vast as the skies and deep as the ocean’ with an amazingly rich variety of traditions. These appear bewildering at first sight, but on reverential investigation reveal their fascinating multifarious hues, rich patterns and wonderful generalizations based on universal principles. Hindu religion is therefore called in Sanskrit Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Religion.

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