In 2021, G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) Education Working Group launched a Global Listening Initiative (GLI), engaging over 2000 young people aged 14-19 from 26 countries, and seeking their perspectives on education, well-being and future of schooling. The IF20 Education Working Group research team captured and summarised the young people’s proposals into a Policy Brief presented to the G20 leaders. In Sept 2021, IF20 created a space for a high-level dialogue amongst the young participants of the GLI, ministers, leaders of international organisations, faith leaders, and educators.

Effective interfaith teaching can contribute to the overall quality of educational programs, particularly advancing goals for social cohesion and common understandings of civic values well-rooted in local history and culture. The ideal is to foster and deepen the lasting formation of civic values and knowledge and relationships that can sustain lifelong learning and communication across social differences.

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