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Empowering Youth through Learning to Live Together - The Story of Clara Mduma in Tanzania

In this issue we interviewed Clara Mduma, Member of the Global Network of Religions for Children, GNRC, Tanzania and facilitator of the Learning to Live Together Programme

1- Tell us a bit about yourself (where are you from, where do you live, what are you studying and how do you spend your free time)

My name is Clara Mduma, I live in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. I completed in 2013 a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and a Major in Corporate Finance at the University of Dodoma.

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Growing up in the middle of conflict Part II

It is happening again. Another operation. Another escalation. I watched the news this morning; it is day 13 of the operation. More than 400 killed in Gaza and more than 13 Israeli soldiers killed since the operation began. I can't believe this is happening once again. I feel pain, frustration, and confusion. I want to scream, I want to cry but I am watching the news and my tears are not ready to leave my eyes yet.

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Incentivando la participación de los Jóvenes para Prevenir y Proteger a los Niños de la Violencia

Sra. María Lucía Uribe, Directora de Arigatou Internacional- Ginebra y Secretaria General del Consejo Interreligioso de Educación Ética para los Niños y Niñas

Hace muchos años visité Medellín, Colombia para investigar las iniciativas de paz en el país. Fui a Comuna 13, en Medellín, que solía ser uno de los barrios más peligrosos en el mundo, y un lugar clave para el entrenamiento del paramilitarismo, la guerrilla y las pandillas criminales. Mientras esperaba afuera de una panadería para ser recogida por alguno de mis contactos del gobierno local, no pude evitar notar que habían algunos jóvenes rondando y caminando de un lado hacia otro. Estaba un poco nerviosa ya que me habían dicho que mantenga un perfil bajo y no traiga conmigo objetos de valor pues esto podría despertar la curiosidad de los miembros de las pandillas.

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International Youth Day 2016

The International Youth Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate young peoples’ views and initiatives, recognizing their efforts to create a better world for everyone. This year the topic proposed by the United Nations is “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Production and Consumption.”

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Testimony of a Young Indian Leader

For this issue, "Stories From the Field" features a testimony of a youth who participated in the 2006 Ethics Education Workshop in Coimbatore, India and since then in several activities related to ethics education organized by the Gandhian organization, Shanti Ashram. Karthikeyan Anand, is nowadays a medical student and social volunteer in Shanti Ahsram. We asked him to share with us his journey since he first got involved in the Learning to Live Together programme and how he thinks it has helped shape who he is now.

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