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Commemorating Cyberbullying Prevention Day with a Full-day Online Conference

Within the framework of the #StopCyberbullyingDay, a 24-hour online conference held on 22 June 2019, gathered the voices of the youth, the academia, teachers, journalists, and lawmakers, as well as representatives of social organizations, families, technology entrepreneurs and governments worldwide to create a global conversation about Cyberbullying and Bullying, one of the issues that worries the youth nowadays.

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Panel de discusión: El Rol de la Educación Ética para Fortalecer a las Familias y Cultivar la Espiritualidad en los Niños y Niñas

Más de 100 asistentes participaron en un panel de discusión celebrado en Ciudad de Panamá el 11 de mayo de 2017, durante el tercer día del Foro Mundial de la Red Global de Religiones a favor de la Niñez (GNRC). En esta ocasión, los participantes fueron invitados a reflexionar sobre el papel de la educación ética para cultivar la espiritualidad en la primera infancia a través de la familia.

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Sharing Good Practices in the III Scholas Chairs International Congress in Jerusalem

Arigatou International was invited to the III Scholas Chairs International Congress which took place in Jerusalem, Israel from 2 to 5 July 2017, bringing together academics from the Scholas Chairs program, diplomats, religious authorities and governments to promote cooperation and learning based on the idea of education as one of the main tools for social change. In addition, 50 youth from five continents representing the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, joined the academics in the debates as a way to emphasize their key role in the renewal of education.

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